Amberly Powers, ACMHC (she, her)

Bachelors of Integrated Studies from Weber State University 1994.

Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix in 2021.

South Jordan office / Telehealth
Select Health, EMI, PEHP, DMBA

Life can be

very overwhelming. Depression, anxiety, other physical health conditions can negatively affect our overall well-being. My clients present to counseling coming from a variety of differing backgrounds and experiencing a myriad of difficulties, but all of them have one thing in common: a desire to be truly happy and healthy. I am a Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC), a certified marriage coach through Matt Townsend Relationship Center, and a level 2 Gottman therapist. I specialize in nurturing healthy relationships between partners. I also work with people in individual therapy and focus on improving the relationship one has with themselves and bridging the gap between the mind and body.

I practice client-centered therapy, using CBT, DBT and other mindfulness-based techniques. I want to have a collaborative relationship with my clients because I believe that you are the expert on you. Together I hope we can identify difficulties, think about where they have originated from, and learn coping skills to hopefully eradicate the difficulties you presented to therapy with. During treatment, I hope to facilitate growth and result in a overall healthier version of you. We all deserve hope and happiness in our lives and I hope we can find that together.