Filiz Undemir, LCSW (she, they)
KAP Clinical Supervisor

Bachelor's degree in Psychology from James Madison University 2014.
Master's degree in Social Work from New York University 2016.

South Jordan Office
HMHI, Blue Cross, Select Health, EMI, PEHP, DMBA, U of U

I am energized by

supporting my clients in gaining empowerment and taking ownership of their lives. I value supporting clients in increasing the awareness of their thoughts, emotions and what is happening within their bodies - as a way to honor these sensations and metabolize their distress.

In my practice I work with others in a way that is person-centered, holistic, trauma-informed, and integrative. Above all, I hold space for clients as they process what they need. I ask questions to help clients look deeper and connect to the answers within themselves. I feel that it is vital to understand how our past experiences impact our present way of functioning.

I have both personal and professional experience related to depression, anxiety, complex trauma, addiction, and life transitions. I tailor therapeutic modalities to clients’ experiences using psychodynamic therapy, EMDR, interpersonal therapy, inner child work, and mindfulness therapy. I am also interested in providing therapy for integration from FDA approved psychedelic substances.

My belief is that we heal through belonging and connection. I invite you to join me as you are. I would be honored to walk alongside you on this path of healing.