Gabe McKenzie (He, him)

Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in psychology and public health from Westminster University in 2018

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Westminster University 2023

South Jordan office
PEHP, EMI, DMBA, Select Health and Blue Cross

Everyone has a unique story,

and therapy doesn’t look the same for any two people.As a clinician, I believe that it is imperative to be strongly grounded in evidence-based practices, but I find it equally important to be genuine and compassionate within this very connection-based work.

I primarily utilize humanistic and narrative therapeutic approaches, and often incorporate other modalities to best address the unique needs of those I serve.

As a clinician, I am committed to remaining curious and open to understanding everyone’s individual story. Integral to therapy, I create a space that fosters a sense of safety, trust, and openness.

I believe that we are each the expert on ourselves, even if at times our “self” feels far away. Effective therapy involves a collaborative process. In therapy, we will strive to understand your story, identify ways to manage, move through, and process the challenges and difficulties that may be affecting how you interact with the world.

I have worked in a range of settings in the mental health field including a residential treatment center, a university counseling center, a mental health hospital, and a private practice.

I am an empathetic clinician and will use this as a means to integrate experiential interventions throughout therapy.

We will use these interventions as a means to delve into and process the complex emotions that may emerge throughout therapy. Cultivating a multicultural and inclusive perspective is important to me; and I strive to be an ally, advocate, and collaborator.

I care deeply for those I work with, and look forward to moving through pain, beauty, and growth in our work together.