Madelyn Fiorelli, ACMHC (she, her)
Onboarding Specialist

BS in Psychology from The University of Utah, 2015
MS in Mental Health Counseling from Westminster College, 2022

South Jordan office
Blue Cross, Select Health, PEHP, EMI,DMBA

Through attentiveness and curiosity

I aim to understand each client’s unique experience with pain and struggle. I am committed to helping my clients explore the deeper “roots” of their psychological concerns. My work focuses on an integrative and insight-oriented approach to reduce symptoms and deepen my clients understanding of themselves and their relationships.

I believe that past experiences, including trauma, loss, and dysfunctional relationship dynamics, hold great bearing over how we interact with the world today, and processing these experiences is key to finding freedom and meaning in their occurrence.

In session, I aim to establish a trusting environment by providing warm, empathetic, and at times, humorous interactions that are grounded in non-judgement and professionalism. I hold the hope that change is always possible. Therefore, I work to empower my clients to recognize their strengths and ability to make responsible choices that will bolster the healing process and enable them to cope with current challenges in their life. As therapy progresses and treatment goals change, I utilize different therapeutic application to best serve the needs of my clients. My theoretical approach draws from psychodynamics, interpersonal process, and trauma-informed practices. I am an EMDR level I certified practitioner and a member of the LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah. With ongoing training in sex therapy, I am equipped to address sexual issues including sexual dysfunction and sex related trauma.

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