Rebecca Backman, ACMHC

Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Westminster College in 2018.

My experience covers a broad range and I have worked with children as young as three up through adulthood. I work with clients to create change for symptom relief while also diving into the deeper work for long-term healing. I feel that a lot of issues that trouble us are related to trauma, dysfunctional relationships (both with the self and others) and problematic patterns that develop from trying to cope with issues without the proper tools. I work with clients to help strengthen their identity, heal trauma wounds, and form positive relationships and connections.

I pull from a psychodynamic perspective as well as attachment theory and family systems to conceptualize while also utilizing ACT and person-centered interventions in session. I have training in DBT, CBT, EMDR, the Gottman Method, and play therapy. I have experience with substance use disorders, family and parenting, couple’s issues, self-esteem and identity issues.

I believe that collaboration and trust are imperative to our working relationship. You are the expert on you and your life and I am here to facilitate change, growth and insight into issues you are facing. In this way we will collaborate together to create positive change, self-compassion, and healing. Rebecca takes some insurances, and charges $90-$120 per session depending on individual or couples therapy for people without insurance.

Our Culture

is becoming increasingly solution focused and wants fast results to problems that aren’t always so quick to fix.

One’s individual psychology is usually quite complex and requires some time and dedication from the client and the therapist together to help not only eradicate presenting problems, but gain insight into what may be underneath the presenting issue(s).

Misty Newman

While solution focused and new age short terms therapies are gaining lots of notoriety and popularity amongst mental health practitioners and therapy consumers, research shows that deeper psychological work promotes longer and more sustainable change (Shedler, 2010). This isn't to say you have to be in therapy forever. Most people don’t have the time or money for that, but coming to therapy and expecting profound results in just a few sessions isn’t the kind of work we promote at Mountain Valley Counseling. This isn’t to say some therapy won’t help and that a person won't feel some relief from just a few sessions. Many people do feel better after a few sessions, which creates hope and is really quite wonderful. Oftentimes beyond those initial few sessions, if the person is willing, there is more to explore. This is why we work from a psychodynamic and insight-oriented perspective. Look on our blog for more information about that kind of work.